Take a little Maine bike ride with me

Riding my bike today I’m reminded that just by doing something active you enjoy you can feel wonderful. I’m not a fast rider. I’m often left in the dust by most riders. But I ride to enjoy myself and get exercise, not to set records, although there was a time I was working on increasing my personal bests.  So I stop at the sites along the way, Forest Lake, a little waterfall, and orchard and enjoy the moment. There’s so many ways we can feel good and we each have to find what works for us,  whether it’s walking, talking to a friend, yoga, meditation, physical activities of various kinds, making something, hugging a friend, and we can imagine many other things. My favorite is just enjoying a cup of tea with a piece of chocolate. The best thing is really to find something to do to enjoy yourself and do it regularly. This can change our world, make it blossom.


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