Beginning Mindfulness

Beginning mindfulness . . .

This can be done sitting or standing.

If sitting, hands should rest easily in your lap and you should straighten your spine, letting it stretch up as much as possible without straining.   

If standing, knees should be very slightly bent, back straight, and hands resting on your abdomen, just below the navel.

Present Body

Take a moment and make contact with your physical body.  Start with being aware of the feet, the area of the feet, the space within that area, the sensations within that space.  Then moving up the legs slowly and being aware of the hips, pelvis and buttocks.  Straightening the spine, and become aware of your spine between you buttocks and head.  Finally become aware of your heart.

Present Mind

Now focus on your head.  Notice the sensation in your head and any thoughts that may be arising.  Notice them and let them go, and then . . .

Present Breath

Move your attention to your breath and feel the breath moving in your chest and abdomen.  The movement could be in or out, up or down, but however you experience just  focus on the movement.  And as you continue to focus on it allow your attention to focus particularly on whatever movement you experience in your abdomen.