Individual and Group Sessions

Individual Sessions

In  individual sessions, I  will help you find those deep places within you that need healing, to release what is held, to move forward into new ways of living.  We listen together and follow what arises in the body, breath, energy movement, images and words to help a you get where you need to go, to  experience health, well-being and fulfillment in your life. With over 36 years of experience in a variety of settings, I can help with most issues that people bring to counseling.

Bioenergetic Movement Groups, Workshops and Classes

In monthly bioenergetic movement groups,  we move through sets of stretching and moving exercises, similar to yoga or qigong, short periods of self-directed movement, working with breathing and movement to “charge up” the energy in the body, accompanied at times by music.  Participants will experience bioenergetic breathwork to music, as well as times of self-directed movement.  All of this helps in releasing held physical and emotional tension, and deepening one’s awareness of the body as a whole.

  • Stretching, movement, breath work & music
  • releasing old physical and emotional tension
  • get a sense of bodily wholeness
  • freeing up blocks to greater harmony and energy flow
  • get in deeper touch with oneself
  • learn a set of movements to release tension
  • learn a practice similar to spontaneous qigong

Other Groups: Occassionally I offer Men’s Groups, Chronic Pain, and a bimonthly bioenergetic group.

Insurance Plans:I accept include Anthem Blue Cross-Blue Shield and various related Blue Cross Products, Maine Partners, Community Health Options, and Martin’s Point Family (not Generations Advantage)Session Fees:

Individual  Sessions–60 min, $135; 90 min, $180; 12 week contracts-$90 per session.  I will occasionally negotiate lower fees depending on circumstance.

Group Sessions–$25 per hour