October 13th: Body Focused Supervision Group begins

Embody & Enliven

the therapy process  with perspectives and practices from Bioenergetics, Gestalt, Group Work & Hypnosis. Within the context of a supportive  learning group,  we will explore the process of therapy, and practices of integrating breathing /energy movement, awareness methods, and psychodramatic role-plays to enliven and deepen the therapeutic process.  The goal will be to  develop a more embodied and creative approach to working with others.  Emphasis will be on embodied awareness, energizing the process and shifting attention and perspective to get a new point of view both for the clinician and client. 

Body Focused Supervision

For clinicians who want to bring the body more into the  therapy process, this group will explore ways to integrate, body, breath and movement into the therapy process as well as using an awareness of bodily tension to help with diagnosis.  We will draw on my personal and professional experience with bioenergetics, gestalt, mindfulness and hypnotherapy to help complement the basic clinical work we do.  Mindfulness, energy movement or group energizer will begin each session.

With 38 years experience in the field including supervising psychiatric and recovery programs as well as many years in private practice, I have received supervision and training from clinicians who have been trained by Laura Perls (Gestalt),  Alexander Lowen (Bioenergetics)  and Jacob Marino (Psychodrama.) I am a certified bioenergetic therapist, clinical counselor, and a certified clinical supervisor.

Tuesdays @ Noon, Bimonthly.
Beginning Tuesday September 29th.
$95 monthly (for 2 sessions)
$65 monthly (for conditional clinical counselors)