A Journey of Self Discovery

Bringing together body movement, breath work, psychodrama and group therapy, The Journey is as bioenergetic group of 6-8 people who develop a safe supportive place for exploring themselves, their relationships, and the values they hold important in life. 

As they work through physical tension & “old” emotions,  through “stuck points” and limiting beliefs, they are more able to express their true self and open to the love, energy, and joy in their lives.

Some of the goals people have brought to group—

  • exploring who we are
  • learning about relationships and developing greater intimacy in our lives
    • standing one’s ground & handling anger
        • increasing emotional flexibility and resilience
          • improving one’s breathing and relaxation
            • changing recurring patterns
  • working through core feelings such as depression, fear, rage and shame
    • gaining a deeper sense of well-being
      • developing greater creativity & intuition
        • experiencing pleasure and joy
  • exploring one’s spirituality and developing a deeper sensitivity towards it

Groups meets 4 times monthly for 1.5 hours or 2 times monthly for 3 hours. Cost is $50 per 1.5 hours session. Insurance plans may apply. Credit cards and payment plans accepted.